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Something to do on my day off from school. Stole this from [personal profile] ribambelles. ♥

characters: jack, renee, tony, michelle
ships: jack/renee, tony/michelle

30 rock
characters: liz, jack, jenna
ships: liz/jack (sort of)

arrested development (1&2)
characters: george michael, tobias, lucille, lindsay
ships: -

battlestar galactica
characters: roslin, adama, lee, kara
ships: roslin/adama, lee/kara, six/gaius, athena/helo

characters: brennan, booth, sweets
ships: booth/brennan, hodgins/angela

brothers & sisters
characters: kevin, nora, sarah, robert, justin
ships: justin/rebecca, kitty/robert, kevin/scotty, sarah/anyone

characters: castle, beckett, alexis, martha
ships: castle/beckett

csi (1-8)
characters: grissom, sara, warrick
ships: grissom/sara, catherine/warrick

desperate housewives
characters: lynette, bree, susan, mike, edie
ships: susan/mike

characters: dewitt, topher, victor
ships: dewitt/anyone, victor/sierra

friday night lights
characters: tim, matt, eric, tami, landry, tyra
ships: tim/lyla, eric/tami, matt/julie, landry/tyra

characters: chandler, monica, joey
ships: monica/chandler, ross/rachel, joey/rachel

characters: olivia, walter, peter
ships: olivia/peter

gossip girl
characters: blair, chuck, dan, rufus, lily
ships: blair/chuck, rufus/lily, dan/serena

grey's anatomy
characters: meredith, addison, derek, cristina, alex, lexie, arizona
ships: meredith/derek, cristina/owen, alex/izzie, mark/lexie, callie/arizona

harry potter
characters: ron, hermione, snape, ginny
ships: ron/hermione, harry/ginny

heroes (1-2)
characters: sylar, nikki, peter, nathan
ships: nikki/nathan, sylar/elle, peter/claire

characters: cameron, house, wilson
ships: house/cameron, house/cameron/wilson, wilson/cuddy

characters: juliet, jack, kate, sawyer
ships: jack/kate, juliet/sawyer, jack/juliet, charlie/claire, jin/sun, daniel/charlotte

the oc (1-3)
characters: ryan, seth, summer, julie
ships: ryan/marissa, seth/summer

the office
characters: angela, jim, pam, dwight, holly
ships: angela/dwight, jim/pam, michael/holly

one tree hill (1-5)
characters: peyton, nathan, haley
ships: lucas/peyton, nathan/haley

parks and recreation
characters: leslie, tom, ann
ships: leslie/mark

private practice
characters: addison, violet, cooper
ships: addison/anyone, violet/pete, cooper/charlotte, violet/cooper, sam/naomi

pushing daisies
characters: all of them
ships: ned/chuck, ned/olive

characters: ben, cooper, lydia, sammy
ships: -

studio 60 on the sunset strip
characters: matt, danny, jordan, harriet, tom
ships: matt/harriet, jordan/danny

terminator: the sarah connor chronicles
characters: cameron, john, derek
ships: john/cameron

characters: edward, alice, carlisle, leah
ships: edward/bella, alice/jasper, leah/jacob

the west wing (1-3)
characters: all of them
ships: josh/donna, cj/anyone

the x-files (1-5)
characters: scully, mulder, skinner
ships: mulder/scully

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