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2010-05-26 05:14 pm
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friends only

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2009-05-21 02:08 pm
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fandoms list

Something to do on my day off from school. Stole this from [personal profile] ribambelles. ♥

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2009-05-04 08:49 am


This is livlovlaugh from LJ. I'll be cross-posting to Dreamwidth from now on. If you're a friend on LJ, feel free to friend me here! I'll gladly add you back. :)
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2009-04-07 11:53 pm
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I have felt for a while now that my flist has been getting rather large, so I made some cuts. If you feel that you have been unfairly cut, please say so. I went through my list rather quickly. Also, PLEASE look to see if you have been cut and remove me as a friend. :)

And, if you feel so inclined to do so, you can also comment and wish to be unfriended (word? IDK). This is basically my clean up post.

EDIT: Comments now screened.
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2009-02-25 06:51 pm
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top 10 first kisses picspam!

Ok, I will start off by saying that I've NEVER done a picspam before, so if it totally sucks, that's my bad. And also, I did this really fast. Like, a few days? What can I say? I had a lot of free time. The spacing is off in certain places for some unknown reason. I'm not too great with HTML.

This is TV ONLY. I didn't want to venture into movies or books, though I could have.