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they said she died easy

of a broken heart disease

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olivia or liv. 17. toronto, ontario. amusing, sarcastic, clever. rep softball player. watches too much tv. fangirl.

24. 30 rock. arrested development. battlestar galactica. bones. brothers & sisters. castle. csi. desperate housewives. dollhouse. friday night lights. fringe. gossip girl. grey's anatomy. harry potter. heroes. house. lost. the office. one tree hill. parks and recreation. private practice. pushing daisies. terminator: tscc. twilight. the west wing. the x-files.

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"i'm a mac", (wins)let, 24, 30 rock, adama/roslin, adventureland, aliens!, allison cameron, batman: greatest superhero ever, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, blerg!, bones, booth/brennan, bsg, castle, castle/beckett, central perk, chuck bass, confusing tv shows, dana scully, dollhouse, dwight k. schrute, emily deschanel, epic love stories, fnl, fox "spooky" mulder, fringe, gillian anderson, girlcrushes!, gossip girl, greg house, grissom/sara, holly flax returning, house, house/cameron, i'm with the vampires, jack donaghy's ego, jack fucking bauer, jack shephard, jack/juliet, jack/kate, james bond, jennifer morrison, jim's pranks, jim/pam, jorja fox, kate austen, kate winslet, kristen stewart (not twilight), laura roslin, lily van der woodsen, liz lemon, lost, lucas/peyton, mary mcdonnell, matthew is foxy, michael/holly, mulder/scully, music, my nerdy comic books, ned/chuck, novels i can finish, olivia/peter, oth, private practice, pushing daisies, quadrangle of doom!, real person fic, real superheroes, ron/hermione, rufus/lily, sara sidle, sarcasm, sawyer/juliet, scc, seeley booth, sexual innuendos, simon cowell, softballin' it, starbucks caramel macchiatos, studio 60, temperance brennan, that's what she said, the bluths, the office, the walkers' dinner parties, the west wing, the x-files, tim riggins, tina fey, tony almeida, tony/michelle, twilight, vesper lynd, violet/pete, watching crappy medical shows, wizard boys, world's best boss mug,
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